013 Technology and Relationships

Every day we’re surrounded by smartphones, social media, and many other types of technology. We have access to a greater quantity of communication than ever before. But what about the quality of communication? Does technology help or hurt us in this regard? Or is there a third option? We’ll discuss that in our Thought of the Day. In our interview segment, we’ll be joined by Terry Brock, a technology wizard who will help us see that it’s not about the technology, but about the relationship.


006 The Power of Empathy

We often hear about the value of empathy, but what is it, really? Is it simply a nice thing to have, or is it vital to your success? Can it be developed if you’re not born with a natural sense of empathy? Bob discusses these questions at the top of this episode. In the interview segment, we’ll hear from Geoff Colvin, who has written a brilliant book about competing in our age of advanced technology. Is there a link between technology and empathy?