065 Selling Entrepreneurs

Is it more effective to build a business through systems or relationships? Or is the very question a false dilemma? We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, sales authority Donald Kelly looks at why entrepreneurs often have difficulty when it comes to selling the products and services they feel so strongly about.

044 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

November 18, 2016 is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. I thought we could celebrate that by hearing from two women who are not only great friends of mine as well as very successful entrepreneurs, but have also dedicated themselves to empowering women all over the world. First, we’ll speak with Ingrid Vanderveldt of EBW2020 and then, after a quick break, Jennifer Iannolo of the Concordia Project. You’ll want to hear from — and then most likely connect with — both of them. They are both amazing!