Limitless Possibilities by Laura Gassner Otting

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Success is best defined by what success means to YOU. That’s what we’ll explore in today’s interview with the author of a wonderful new book that takes a deep dive into how to accomplish exactly that type of success. The discussion is a little bit longer than normal, so rather than the usual thought of the day, let’s go right to this fascinating discussion with the equally fascinating Laura Gassner Otting.

Go-Giver Influencers: Making a Significant Impact

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Dr. Amy Fast has been a teacher at the elementary level, instructional coach at the elementary and middle levels, and is now an assistant principal at McMinnville High School. She is author of “It’s the Mission, Not the Mandates,” and she’s an active commentator on social media about public education policy and practice. Her big social media outlet is Twitter, where Bob’s been following her for awhile now and he just LOVES what she shares. Her Twitter handle is @FastCrayon.