Go-Giver Influencers

035 Influential Latte Factor

In this Go-Giver Influencers Facebook LIVE Show Bob’s guest is one of his favorite storytellers… John David Mann!Bob and John discuss a new book that may be one of the most important books that you (or your child or grandchild) will ever read. And it’s about one of the most important subjects there is.The subject is Financial Freedom and is indeed VERY important.The new books is The Latte Factor: Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Live Rich by David Bach and John David Mann.

Go-Giver Influencers: Making a Significant Impact

034 Influential Smart Calling

Bob’s special guest is a world-renown expert on a topic many people think no longer exists…but it does!Art Sobczak (pronounced Subcheck), the president of Business by Phone, is Bob’s go-to person in terms of everything having to do with selling via the telephone. “But” one might ask, “Isn’t selling by phone something from years gone by and no more relevant today than the rotary dial that used to come with it?”Absolutely not! Now, please understand, there’s a huge difference between “cold-calling” and what Art refers to as “Smart Calling.”In fact, that’s the title of this episode…“Influential Smart Calling.”

Go-Giver Influencers: Making a Significant Impact

033 Influential Online Sales

Imagine one over-the-top, stratospherically successful salesperson who left one form of sales to take on the field of Online Sales. Not only did she succeed (and stratospherically so) but she went on to systemize her success and teach lots and lots and lots of others how to do the same. In this episode, appropriately titled, “Influential Online Sales” — Kendrick Shope (Bob’s and my personal online sales coach) will let you into her world and discuss how you, too can add immense value to the lives of others while creating an immense income for yourself.

Go-Giver Influencers: Making a Significant Impact

032 Influential IMPERIA

Bob’s special guest’s first claim to fame was as a well-known culinary expert, having created the world’s first food podcast channel and flying around the planet making programs about chefs and winemakers. Yes, she was totally living her dream. But some things changed, including a debilitating illness that made it difficult for Jennifer to physically even get out of bed. What *would* get her out of bed? A mission bigger than anything she’d ever considered before.