024 Influential PAWsitive PURRsonality

Aren’t animals amazing? From Lassie the Collie of television fame to our own four-legged family members, the lessons we can learn from them—as well as the love they so freely give to us—are a beautiful part of life. Bob’s special guest on this episode of the Go-Giver Influencers FB LIVE Show is one of his dearest friends, Tracey C. Jones. She’s an Air Force Veteran, corporate leader, and the president of Tremendous Leadership. She’s now a publisher, and herself the author of a number of books she has either authored or co-authored with some of her dogs who, of course, are now themselves “Best-Smelling Pawthors.”

013 Influential Referrals

The advantage of running your business through mainly referrals and customer introductions is self-evident. Who would even argue otherwise. The problem for many salespeople, however, is an inability to ask. And, even when they do, it rarely results in referrals. You may have even asked for a referral from a customer or client who truly knew, liked, and trusted you, but when you did, they responded with something that sounded like: “Well, I can’t think of anyone right now. But, when I do, I’ll definitely let you know.” Did you ever hear from them again? At least regarding a referral? Possibly. But…unfortunately probably not.