032 FLIP to Gratitude

Gratitude … appreciation … whichever word you use, it’s (in my opinion) just about the most important concept to embrace if you’re going to live a happy and successful life. I should know because I’ve been on both ends of the gratitude spectrum. We’ll discuss that in our Thought of the Day. And later in today’s interview, we’ll chat with a man who learned how to FLIP the Gratitude Switch in his life. He shares with us a very counter-intuitive method for doing so.

031 Liberating Genius

What is genius? Is it some supernatural ability of the mind that relatively few are born with? Or is it something that everyone has and can be unleashed if approached correctly? We’ll discuss that in our Thought of the Day. And later in today’s interview, we’ll talk with Angela Maiers, a professional educator who is on a mission to liberate the genius in school children. Learn how she and her team are doing exactly that, one classroom at a time.

030 Mastering Ego

Ego is a word often-used in the negative context. But whether that part of the human element brings positive or negative results is dependent upon whether we control it … or it controls us. In the interview segment, we talk with Ryan Holiday, who wrote a brilliant book entitled “Ego is the Enemy”. What exactly does he mean by that, and how can we utilize that wisdom for our success and happiness?

029 The “Secret” of Selling

Today’s episode will feature a two-part Thought of the Day segment. Is there really a “secret” to selling? Well, yes … but as Harry Browne said, “The secret of selling … need not be a secret.” We’ll discuss that in our first segment. In the second segment, we’ll look at Harry’s 5-step process that will make selling a lot more fun, less stressful, and more profitable for both you … AND your customer.